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Every night, at the witching hour, something strange happens; two worlds collide.

With people suddenly disappearing and ghostly spectres plaguing their home town, Tristan, along with his estranged childhood best friend set out to fix things before it's too late.

Their investigation reveals more than they expect, about their lives, their loves and their pasts.

The Story

Tristan and Isaac bump into each other one night in the forest, where strange figures and ghostly spectres have been appearing and wandering around.

Tristan is in the forest because of curiosity, he's always been interested in the supernatural since he was a child, and thinks something weird is happening. 

We have no idea why Isaac is in the forest, he's avoidant, and deflects whenever Tristan asks. Isaac also doesn't believe they'll find any ghosts, and keeps insisting they're in more danger of tripping on roots.

We follow their exploration of the forest, seeing fleeting figures in the trees, hearing strange cracking sounds of wood. Tristan points these out, Isaac says "the forest makes noise." 

Eventually, Tristan comments, "don't you remember when we were kids, we saw something then." Isaac ignores him. 

From here, we delve into the meat of Tristan and Isaac's relationship through musical storytelling. Isaac and Tristan were friends, bust something changed. What do they want from each other now?

At the end of the song, the ground splits, and light floods the forest through the cracks. 

Tristan and Isaac stumble out of the forest, landing on top of each other, in the sky, circling above them is a swarm of strange ghostlike monsters.



A forest, outside of their home town.


Tristan and Isaac.


Early morning, nearly 3AM. 

The film is going to function as a trailer for my webcomic, based on the inciting incident of the main story. 

Film Pitch

As part of the Major Project Concepts course at RMIT, we're walked through the process of the initial concept for our film to the final proof animatic. 

Given the nature of my film- an adaption of my webcomic and as such a pre written and designed project, I had a little less room to stylise and adjust my characters! 

That being said, animation is a long process! So I had a lot of fun experimenting with the complexity of the characters designs! 

Here are a few samples of the character design design work I completed in the initial development stages and how they grew as I progressed with the project! 

Concept Development

Existing character designs, primarily used in the production of the webcomic! 

Untitled_Artwork 1.png

Stylisation pass specifically for the animated short The Witching Hour. Heavy stylisation and reduction of details. 

Backgrounds are a love of mine! They're also a massively important part of showcasing characters on screen in the best and most flattering way- sometimes the opposite depending on the genre! Here are a few of the initial style tests I mocked up for the backgrounds! 

Untitled_Artwork 1.png

Storyboarding is another love of mine- though I work in a rather back and forward way! Boarding out the big moments to maximise their impact for the audience, and building the scenes between them after, is a favourite way for me to visualise a film or animation! Below are some of the major moments of this animated short and how I visualised perspective, camera movement and positioning! 


Though I can't share a lot of the in production work as it is, here are a few sneak peeks! Below I've included an example of my usual step by step process, some in production shots, and some beautiful compositing (thanks to the cinema mastery of Lily PJ 


Extremely rough animatic!

Background and Extremes.

Compositing pass! (cr. Lily PJ)


The terrible, wonderful, time consuming, brilliant part of being an animator? Actually animating!

Another compositing pass of a scene from The Witching Hour with huge thanks to the cinematic editing master Lily PJ